Student from Germany


My name is Elena and I spent the first 10 years of my school life in Brunsvick, Germany.

When I joined Waitakere College (6th form, Year 12) I experienced great support, interest and more than everything a warm welcome from students and staff.

As soon as I could I joined many sport teams from the list which ranges from Dragonboating over the national sports Rugby and Cricket to Waterpolo and Basketball.

There is something for everyone! I loved the great team spirit and the involvement in the school community. I got to know many other students who enjoyed the sports as much as I did and together we had so much fun whether practicing or competing with other schools.

It’s amazing how much of their own time the teachers and coaches put into support and organise their team. But not only is the sport diversity fantastic, the classes were too.

You can choose between a heap of subjects and even try Nutrition or Engineering. I felt the greatest difference between school in Germany and in Waitakere College was the personal and relaxed relationship we had with the teachers. Everybody works together and tries to achieve the most with every student. There is so much help and also challenges for those who are interested a little bit more beyond the classes.

It’s such a friendly and comfortable environment to work and learn in.

The school is very well equipped, whether it’s the science block, the average class room, the sport teams or even the hall. Here the outstanding school production is performed and in the Talent Quest students have the chance to prove their dancing and singing talent in front of an audience.

Something that was also special to me and a unique experience was the diversity of cultures represented. I loved learning about the traditions, food and clothes during Culture Week where many students showed us in different ways what life looks like where they come from.

Settling in so quickly and smoothly was also due to the fantastic support of the International Office which cares for all the International Students. We did a day trip with the others who were new to the school to get to know them better and met weekly to catch up on what we had experienced and occasionally to discuss some problems.

Waitakere College is a wonderful school with so many great people. I felt at home from the very first minute!


Student from Cambodia

Hello my name is Diana I come from Cambodia and this is my second year as an international student at Waitakere College.

The students at Waitakere College are very friendly. Before I arrived in New Zealand I was very scared but I had a nice Kiwi Buddy who looked after me and I soon realised I had nothing to worry about. The teachers here are also really helpful and it's easy to get help if you need it.

I like sports and I play Volleyball and Hockey. I am also a peer mediator and so I'm learning how to help students solve difficulties and resolve conflict.

I achieved Level 1 NCEA with Excellence last year and I'm working hard aiming for Excellence again this year.

Student from Korea

My name is Minchae and this is my 4th year as an International Student at Waitakere College.

When I first came to New Zealand I was scared to speak English incase people teased me but they didn't, they helped me a lot.The teachers at Waitakere College are really helpful and supportive. My ESOL teacher has helped me a lot with improving my English.

Once my parents travelled to New Zealand to visit me and wanted me to be their travel guide. I was worried that I couldn't guide them and I was lacking the confidence to speak English in front of my parents. I studied hard and learned all about New Zealand and we had a great trip and my parents were happily surprised about the improvement in my English.

I've also had a great homestay family who give me a lot of encouragement and support which has made my time here a lot easier.


Waitakere College is a successful mid-sized secondary school located in the heart of West Auckland.