Monday 26th March 2018 Classroom Notices - click here

TXT-my-LUNCH is here!

Welcome to the future!

From right now, the first school tuck shop in New Zealand will be accepting TXT-my-LUNCH virtual meal tickets.

This is a game-changer for school food service and starts right here at Waitakere College.

Now it’s your turn to try it out.

  • Want to be sure that lunch money makes it to school and is actually spent on lunch?

  • Want to make sure that your hungry learner is getting a balanced and nutritional meal?

  • Your young adult learner wants to make their own lunch purchase choices?

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Or go to – follow the instructions and have lunch literally texted to your child, who can redeem their meal ticket, device-to-device, at the school tuck shop.

This eliminates the need for cash or eftpos cards and ensures that every cent designated to a nutritious payload actually reaches the tuck shop where these great meal combos are available.



Waitakere College is a successful mid-sized secondary school located in the heart of West Auckland.