Waitakere College PPSP

On Tuesday, May 23rd the PSSP (Peer Sexuality Support Program) team at Waitakere College held Pink Shirt Day at the school. The day included musical performances by the school’s band, as well as a duet from the stars of the school show. “Pink shirt day is all about speaking up and allowing your voice to be heard to support anti-bullying,” said Year 13, Shan Rai.


Some of the day’s highlights were kindness cupcakes, which were delivered by the PSSP team to students throughout the school, a candy floss machine and of course, pink shirts. What is Pink Shirt Day you ask? PSSP member Lars Atkinson said “Pink shirt day is more than an excuse to just wear mufti for a day. It’s a chance to come out and show your support for everyone regardless of personality, gender, and sexuality”.


Most of the school sported an item of pink and came out in support of this event. The event raised $700 for a West Auckland Charity.



- Zane Carnie

  Waitakere College Prefect


Image: The PSSP Team (From left to right: Kritsi, Anya Takau, Elspeth, Camryn Hoeft-Asekona, Lily Hollis-Hewett, Lars Atkinson, Emily Bicknell &; Caleb Heke).


Waitakere College is a successful mid-sized secondary school located in the heart of West Auckland.